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Who Are We?

The Hunting For Tomorrow is governed by a Board of Directors.  The functions of the Hunting For Tomorrow are carried out by the Executive Director under the direction of the Board of Directors, various working groups and task force committees.

...strengthening the work of other hunting organizations within the province of Alberta

Our Mission

To foster and increase public understanding, involvement and support of hunting.  To ensure opportunities for every Albertan to hunt within a management system that conserves the wildlife resource.

Our Mission

Our Vision

“Hunting continues to be a respected, traditional outdoor activity that remains a substantial and integral part of Alberta’s heritage, culture and environment.”

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Our Goals

To increase the number of people participating in hunting and it’s associated activities within the limits of sustainable wildlife conservation;

To maintain and enhance hunting opportunities and experiences in the province such that hunters are encouraged to stay in the activity and new participants are attracted to it;

To increase public acceptance of hunting as a traditional outdoor activity, improve the awareness of our natural environment and the importance of hunting as a wildlife management tool.

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The Principles Established For
The Hunting For Tomorrow Foundation Are:

Hunters are effective partners in wildlife conservation and in the development of hunting laws and regulations because of the relationships and experiences they have with the natural environment. 

Hunters are accountable for their actions and responsible for their behaviour.

Hunters respect and follow the laws and regulations that govern hunting privileges in this province.

Our standards of ethical behaviour go beyond mere adherence to laws and regulations.

We operate within the context of sustainable wildlife management where hunting and the activities of hunters contribute to the viability of wildlife populations.

Hunting is a useful and effective wildlife management tool in the maintenance of healthy and abundant wildlife populations in balance with the natural environment and society's acceptance of those populations.

We believe that hunting encompasses a wide variety of experiences that involve traditional social, family and personal values with regard to our use of the land and our relationship with the natural environment.

Promotion of sound wildlife conservation preserves hunting opportunities for the future.

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The Key Messages For
The Hunting For Tomorrow Foundation Are:

  • Hunting is a traditional, outdoor activity that helps promote sound stewardship of our natural areas.

  • Hunting is often a family activity that encourages family values.

  • Hunters respect the law and often set personal ethical standards that exceed the law.

  • Hunting improves awareness of our natural environment and our roles in it.

  • Hunting is an important element in wildlife management.

  • Hunters founded the conservation movement and continue to be the movement’s strongest supporters.

  • Hunters are important monitors of the natural environment.

  • For many, hunting is a spiritual event that connects the hunter to the land.

  • Game is an excellent source of natural high protein food.

  • Game tastes good and its preparation is an important part of the hunting experience.

  • If people did not hunt, there would be significant increases in the costs of wildlife damage to crops and property, and the maintenance of public safety.

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From 2007 to 2012, the Minister’s Special Licence program was jointly administered by the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association, the Conservation Education W.I.S.E. Foundation and Hunting For Tomorrow known as Alberta’s Conservation Collaboration. 

During that period of time, nearly $2 million was raised for the betterment of wildlife through the raffle and auction sales of three Special Licences for: Elk, Bighorn Sheep and Mule Deer. 

 Eligible Alberta organizations made application to the fund for financial support of projects or materials for the betterment of Alberta’s wildlife or habitat.  Each year a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) met to review the applications and allocate funding.  To date, 175 applications were received and over 105 applicants received funding.  (Note:  The deadline is December 31, 2012 for applications for funds raised in 2012.)


Next Contract Term:

In September, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development posted a Request For Quotes to deliver this program for the period 2013 to 2018. 

 Two applicants bid for this contract, one being our Conservation Collaboration and the other being the Alberta Fish and Game Association.   On December 3, 2012 it was announced that the contract had been awarded to the Alberta Fish and Game Association.  For information about the Minister’s Special Licence program for 2013 to 2018, please contact the Alberta Fish and Game Association at 780.437.2342 or visit their website at


Our Appreciation:

 On behalf of the Alberta Conservation Collaboration; the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association, the Conservation Education WISE Foundation and Hunting For Tomorrow, we wish to extend our appreciation to all those people who supported the program by assisting with the sale of the auction items and the raffle tickets, those who purchased raffle tickets and bid on the permits at auction and the Wild Sheep Foundation, National and the Alberta chapters, who worked diligently to maximize the value of these permits.

 Many thanks to the organizations and individuals who received funding from this program and did their part to contribute to Alberta’s wildlife and wild places.


For more information contact:

Robert Gruszecki


Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association

911 Sylvester Crescent                                    

Calgary, AB.  T2W 0R8


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